Project – The LANTERN Building, Bangkok, Thailand


The LANTERN building is LIGMAN’s Head Office and Lighting Experience Centre in Thailand. Representing a culmination of over 25 years in the lighting industry, the recent building refurbishment and renovations have completed the vision for a corporate headquarters that embodies the spirit and philosophy of LIGMAN Lighting. 

Established in 2019, the appropriately named LANTERN building became a beacon of lighting and welcoming landmark for those arriving from Thailand’s main airport: Suvarnabhumi Airport; only 11 minutes away by car or 19 minutes with the Airport Rail Link.

The existing building in Suan Luang, Bangkok was an open plan, five storey office block with a north facing facade and undercover parking. 
For the LANTERN Building to fulfil its mission, the existing facilities would require substantial renovations before its true potential could be realised. 

Phase one of the refurbishment and renovation showcased the vision of the LANTERN building, a facility combining office space, flagship store, showroom, lighting experience centre and seminar room. 

After settling into the new location, plans were put into place for phase two of the building upgrade. 

This started with refurbishment of the top two floors of the building to expand the capabilities of the space. Level 4 now accommodates two independent meeting rooms, an upgraded Lighting Experience Centre with Seminar Room. A showcase area for new outdoor products, as well as a Lighting Application Workshop Area for demonstration of both interior and exterior luminaires.

Level 5 is home to the new flagship store which showcases a comprehensive range of interior and exterior luminaires. In addition to a breakout area next to the showroom, providing clients and visitors with a welcome space to comfortably relax. 

The interior staircases, previously illuminated with surface mounted bulkhead fittings, have now been revitalised with NYBRO ceiling recessed luminaires and MALTA illuminated handrails. The integrated handrail lighting provides concealed continuous downward light distribution in white light, tunable white, or RGBW with DMX/RDM control.

Until now we have focused on the interior of the LANTERN building,
but the upgrades to the landscape reveal why the LANTERN building continues to be a beacon of lighting and landmark in the city. 

The area fronting the LANTERN building has been completely redesigned, replacing the existing fountain and concrete path with an inviting landscaped garden with waterfall and stream. This not only brings the natural environment back into the city, but also provides a backdrop against which LIGMAN’s inspired by nature finishes can be seen in context. 

FREETOWN impact resistant bollards, illuminating the entrance and protecting the walkway from vehicles, seamlessly integrate with their surroundings. The Inspired by Nature finishes lend them the appearance of wooden pillars, creating a more harmonious link between architecture and nature.

Behind the row of FREETOWN bollards is a outdoor showcase of the latest post-top luminaires and decorative columns. This includes and AUBAINE street and area luminaire with illuminated square column, and SMITH light columns, post-top luminaires ARIZONA and SANTANDER with decorative poles. Plus off-grid lighting solutions NATURE SOURCE solar post-top, and vertical solar PV poles for energy independent lighting.

Within the landscaped area are four L-COLUMN configurable smart lighting columns, showcasing the smart city capabilities of this powerful and adaptable lighting solution. Each of the four columns features a 360° lighting module for general illumination and an LED beacon for signalling. The first and second columns utilise ODESSA Projectors for feature lighting, whilst columns three and four present the LADOR projector version.

The true potential of the L-COLUMN series is the suite of smart city technology available to utilise. The first of the four columns features an intercom with a connected LED beacon, 360° Security Camera, and License Plate Verifier. 

The second includes Digital Signage. Column three incorporates an air quality detector and 180° camera. 

Whilst the fourth and final L-COLUMN features CCTV, Digital Signage, and a Facial Recognition Camera.

ODESSA Gobo’s a fixed-based projectors, with LIGMAN Inspired by Nature finish, provide decorative and feature lighting to
the exterior of the building. 

Whilst LIGHTWAVE wall-mounted fixtures provide pedestrian-level lighting to the perimeter paths around the building.

It is for these reasons and more that LIGMAN’s Headquarters in Thailand continues to be an important landmark in the city and source of lighting inspiration. We welcome you to visit our LANTERN Building in Thailand for a lighting experience of your own.