The advantage of the recessed LED light with motion sensor


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The motion detector, also known as the motion sensor, is a device that detects movement. Its most common application is in a variety of industrial settings, such as the appliance industry, mobile phones, automotive industry, health care, etc. There are many industries that are starting to pay attention to the use of motion sensors.

The luminaire industry also uses motion sensors. It’s because of the eco-trends that still got attention. A lot of products have to be qualified. The luminaire is affected by this trend, also including the popular trend that changes in each era. For example, in the past, halogen and fluorescent were very popular
over time. But when LED came in, it’s a light with higher efficiency and lower energy consumption. causing halogen and fluorescent to be less popular, etc.

Nowadays, it would not be possible to talk about recessed LED light with motion sensor because it is a combination of two technologies that can be
more convenient for users. The operation of the recessed LED light with motion sensor detects motion for 24 hours a day and, combined with the network connection through the Internet, the luminaire can be controlled via remote, monitor, including sending commands to the luminaire in real time.

Advantages to using recessed LED lights with motion sensors

Save on electricity bills in the long run.
LED luminaires can save up to 80% of electricity by choosing recessed LED lights with motion sensors, thereby reducing maintenance costs. lower the cost
of light bulb replacement and prolong the service life for a longer time. It is both cost-saving and environmentally protective as well.

Eliminate the problem of forgetting to turn off the light after use

Do you ever turn on the light in the meeting room over night? or Do you ever walk to the bathroom in the middle of the night and can’t find the light switch? These problems will not exist again if you use recessed LED light with motion sensor. It will automatically turn on when motion is detected, helping to facilitate a more comfortable life. It can increase the performance by using the controller connected via the Internet or Ethernet. The luminaire can be set from either a mobile application or via a computer, and can turn on/off the lamp via Bluetooth signal as well.

Adjust the colour of your
The recessed LED light with motion sensor is also RGBW adjustable, adding more color and vibrancy.

Light and mood

In the past, humans depended on natural light from the sun to live their lives. Because light is related to the human clock of life or Circadian Rhythm, different brightness and colors directly affect the human body both physically and emotionally. The selection of luminaires is therefore very important. For example, lighting for reading or working should choose cool white light or a light temperature of 4000K – 4500K to protect the eyes and can concentrate more. You can learn more about the Circadian Rhythm here https://www.ligman.com/human-centric-lighting/

How far can the recessed LED light with motion sensor detect?

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