Light for TODAY

We recognise our role in the global marketplace as a leading lighting manufacturer

For this reason, it is important for us to not only produce high quality lighting products, but also engage in ethical and environmentally sustainable practices which preserve natural resources for future generations. Because lighting for cities should not be at the cost of the environment.

"Our international focus is to provide the best lighting for both people and nature"

All our luminaires are manufactured and tested in house to international standards (ISO 9001, IOS 14001, ISO 17025). Using LM6 aluminium alloy with low copper content (0.02wt%) ensures high corrosion resistance for a long service life. All materials for manufacturing follow RoHS-REACH-POP. With efficient LED chips resistant to deterioration over a long period rated to over 50K hours.

All our luminaires are manufactured and tested in house to international standards of ISO 9001, IOS 14001, ISO 17025

Using LM6 aluminium alloy with low copper content (0.02wt%) ensures high corrosion resistance for a long service life

Efficient LED chips resistant to deterioration over a long period rated to over 50,000 hours

All materials for manufacturing follow RoHS-REACH-POP


LED optimisation enables the generation of more light from less power. With luminous efficacy now reaching 147 lumens per watt.

MicroVOS™ (Micro Variable Optical System) is unique light distribution technology. It enables customers to specify tailored optics to suit the precise needs of a project. Producing more efficient lighting solutions and reducing the number of luminaires.


Smart Lighting

The energy required by street lighting is much less now thanks to the adoption of LED lighting. Despite this fact, the power demands of street lighting are increasing with global urbanisation. Smart lighting offers a solution to further reduce the electricity requirements and provide additional benefits.


Internet of Things (IoT) technology scales lighting control to entire cities. The LIGHTCONNECT™ capable range of luminaires and poles are equipped with Nema 7 and/or Zhaga Book 18 (Up) and (Down) sockets. Making the device smart and ready-to-connect to any device or control system protocol.


Central management software. Monitor and control multiple devices which typically need their own dedicated interface.

Solar Lighting

Photovoltaic technology and battery storage can now provide reliable solar powered lighting. Solar Lighting reduces the reliance on grid power and facilitiates energy independence. Enabling street and area lighting to service areas without existing infrastructure.

Working with Nature

Lighting for humans should not be detrimental to flora, fauna, or the night time environment. To address this concern, LIGMAN offers a range of lighting solutions in harmony with nature.

Turtle Friendly Lighting

Low height, shielded fittings, only emitting light above 560nm wavelength.
Designed for coastal developments to prevent interference with sea turtle migration and survival.

Nature Friendly Lighting

Combines tunable white (amber to 3000K) with time clocks. Reducing both
intensity and colour temperate of light to a level friendlier to noctural animals, inspects and plant life.

Dark Sky Approved Ranges

Must be specified with 3000K or warmer and not emit light above the horizontal plane. Minimise glare, reduce light trespass and skyglow, with a goal of eliminating light pollution.