Light for TOMORROW

Evolution and innovation are guiding principles at LIGMAN.

Technology is always improving and new frameworks of operation challenge accepted standard practices. The 2030 Agenda has taken this a step further and proposed measurable milestones for organisations to meet. Challenging companies already leading the way to take it a step further.

“Below are some of the changes we are implementing to reach our Sustainable Development Goals”

Reduced Waste

Manufacturing and shipping processes by their nature produce waste. So we are always refining our processes to reduce the amount of byproduct. Currently we are eliminating single-use paper and plastic, replacing them with reusable and biodegradable materials. This will reduce the waste from luminaire packaging by 50% and from production and warehouse by 10%.

No Landfill

We are identifying and reducing non-recyclable items as we work towards a zero waste target. Updating our manufacturing procedures to minimise the amount of raw material waste, and divert what we can from landfill.

Carbon Neutral Vision

LIGMAN is reducing it’s carbon print every year with an aim of Carbon neutrality by 2040. The long-term commitment involves comprehensive action across the entire company, with each change bringing us closer to our goal.

May 2024: Non-chrome powder coating

We are pleased to announce as of the 14th of May 2024, all luminaire parts will be non-chrome pre-treated. Eliminating chromium from luminaire production. Read more